Strapless Dress Workout

Today’s wedding workout has three main benefits: to tone your arms, to improve your cardio, and to make you feel like a total badass. I’ve chosen moves that will primarily target your upper body (hello strapless dress), but there’s also a good bit of love shown to your abs and legs.

When I edited this video I realized that I was on turbocharge* when I filmed it — so the transitions are a bit quick, but I know you’ll be able to keep up.

(*OK, as “turbocharge” as I can get. As a 5’10” ex-ballerina and book worm I’m not really built for speed!)

Why You Want This:

You want to shape your shoulders for that strapless dress but you’re totally over burpees and pushups. I hear ya! This workout is fun (and pretty different from your average bootcamp). Keeping things interesting is key to staying motivated and getting results. *Pow Pow*

Why You Need This:

Strength training is a MUST add to your bridal workout routine. Building lean muscle mass will boost your metabolism, help you burn more calories (and body fat), and tone your whole body. But you don’t need to lift heavy weights to get the benefit; body-weight and light-weight exercises will do the trick! So grab that set of dumbbells and let’s do it to it!

What To Listen To:

The soundtrack from ‘Creed’.

Equipment Needed:

  • 1 pair of light weights (1 – 5 pounds is perfect). Beginner? No weights needed!
  • An exercise mat for abs

The Strapless Dress Workout:

Watch the exercise tutorial at the beginning of the video before starting. Each move goes for 30 seconds, with a 10 second rest for transition. At the end of all six exercises rest for 30-60 seconds. Repeat the entire workout six times.


The Moves

Shadow Boxing

Holding your weights, stand with feet hip distance apart, one foot is slightly forward of the other. Have a bit of a bend in the knees, relax your shoulders and pull your abs in tight. Punch one weight forward and then quickly pull it back towards the chest, alternating arms. Tip: don’t straighten the arm completely (i.e. hyperextend). Keep a soft bend in the elbow and focus on moving from the shoulders rather than the hands.

Ladder Runs

Start standing with the feet hip distance apart and the elbows tucked in towards the waist. Moving with short, fast feet, run forward (about 1-2 lengths of your exercise mat) and then run backwards. At halfway, transition to high-knee runs, lifting the knees to hip height as you run forward and back. Tip: squeeze your butt and keep your spine as straight as possible.

Speed Bag Split Lunge

This move is a doozy! Start in a sumo squat, the feet are wide, the knees and toes are pointing towards the front corners of your exercise mat, and the knees are deeply bent. Holding your weights, bend your elbows and lift your wrists and forearms to chest height. Begin to circle your wrists around each other, 8-10 times. After that you take a jump lunge to face the right and left: tuck the elbows in to the ribs, jump to the right and land in a lunge with both knees bent at 90º. Then jump to the left, landing in another lunge. Tip: It’s important that you move the whole body in one piece (shoulders, spine, hips and knees), and that the knees and toes are pointing in the same direction.

Crunch And Punch

Holding your weights, start lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Keep the weights at your chest as you do a full sit up, at the top punch one arm at a time forward, and then lower back down. Tip: Don’t use momentum for the sit-up, pull your abs in tight and keep it slow.

Pilates Roundhouse

This is really the bicycle from the Pilates side kick series (but why not call it a roundhouse?!) Start kneeling with your right hand on the floor and your left leg straight out to the side. Your shoulders and hips are stacked as though you were in side plank. Keep the torso completely still as you sweep the left leg behind you, then bend the knee and extend the leg forward at hip level. Continue to move in one direction for 5-8 repetitions before reversing. On the next round you will switch legs. Tip: Use your abs to stabilize your spine – imagine that your body is stuck between two pieces of glass and you can’t move your body!

Want More Strapless Dress Workout Routines? Try These:

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Now I’d Love To Hear From You

What did you think of today’s workout? Did it achieve the three goals (strong arms, good cardio, total badass?). Let me know below!


With love,

*JDW Blog Post Signature




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