Busy Bride Meditation Challenge

Do you ever find that your brain lights up with a dozen thoughts, plans and concerns as soon as you go to bed? I wouldn’t be surprised if the “busy-bride-brain” made a nightly appearance at your house.

My four-part Busy Bride Meditation Challenge will show you how to calm your mind and recharge your energy on a daily basis.

Each of these short guided meditations will help you achieve bridal-brain-bliss – no previous meditation experience required.

The Busy Bride Meditation Challenge

I struggled to make meditation a priority for a long time. The truth is that everyone (yep, even health and fitness pros) can face resistance when it comes to implementing healthy habits, even when we know they make us feel amazing. Whether it’s sticking to a regular fitness routine, cooking more meals at home, or beginning a mindfulness routine such as meditation it always helps to have some guidance and accountability.    

Why You Want This

You are done with feeling stressed and overwhelmed as you try to balance work, home-life and wedding planning, so anything that can relax your body and mind is golden.

Why You Need This

Research has found that mindfulness meditation:    

  • Activates the rest and digest part of the nervous system helping to alleviate stress
  • Improves creativity and heightens focus
  • Significantly reduces anxiety
  • Boosts confidence and can improve your relationships with other people

How It Works

Adopting a regular meditation habit takes time and practice, just like learning any other skill.

The key to developing new habits is to start small and increase your level of commitment as you advance. The first guided session will be just 2 minutes, and each session increases just a little until the final 8 minute meditation.

During that final meditation I have also shared some of my favorite resources to help you continue your meditation practice.

Access The Meditations

Week One (two minutes)

Week Two (four minutes)

Week Three (six minutes)

Week Four (eight minutes)

I can’t wait to meditate with you,

Jennifer Dene xox

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