The 7 Minute, Crunch Free Ab Workout

Earlier this week I wrote an article for Mind Body Green explaining why, despite being a personal trainer and Pilates instructor, I never want a six-pack,

With over 6,000 shares and hundreds of women weighing in on the discussion on the MBG website and social media, it seems that a lot of gals out there agree with me.

Today I wanted to make that post even more actionable, with a “crunch free” ab workout routine that will tone your tummy in the most feminine (and functionally sound) way possible.

Why You Want This

To briefly recap my article (get all the details here): 

  • The six-pack is the least important muscle for spinal support
  • A highly defined six-pack can increase the severity of diastasis (separation of the outer abdominal muscles) during and after pregnancy
  • You have to maintain a dangerously low level of body fat
  • You have to prioritize your physique over almost anything else (including wedding cake … eek!)

Why You Need This

While we might not be training for a six-pack, a strong core is non-negotiable. It supports the spine, improves posture and yes, also helps to pull in your abdominals, creating a flatter belly.

The good news is that a crunch free ab workout is actually the best way to isolate those deep core muscles.

How To Get Your Fiancé On Board

The hazards of a six-pack don’t only apply to the ladies. Men with overtrained abs can experience diastasis, low back issues, and hunchbacked posture.

And of course anyone addicted to exercise can develop body image disorders.

So if your hubby-to-be is feeling self conscious about his belly, give him a hug and have him join you in these crunch-less ab exercises. 

Crunch Free Ab Workout

  • Each move in this 7 minute series goes for 45 – 55 seconds. The focus is on engaging the transversus abdominis (the deepest layer of front abdominals, that lay closest to your spine) and the obliques (the muscles at the side of the waist).
  • Your goal is to build up to doing this workout straight through, although at the beginning you may need to take quick rests during the exercises.
  • Pay attention to keeping your abs pulled up to your back the entire time, and keep your spine long and flat in those planks. If you notice tension or pain in your low back simply lower the knees down.
Looking for a more beginner series?

Try this basic core workout.

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

Do you have a six pack? Do you want one? Why or why not? I’d love you to join in the discussion by leaving a comment below.

Your Bridal Trainer,

Jennifer Dene xox

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