Interview: Dr. Erin Laurie On Low Stress Wedding Planning

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our recent interview series with brides who work in the wellness industry. What I really took away from talking with these bridalicious babes is that moderation is the key (something that MBB can totally get behind — read The Bombshell Bride Manifesto here).

To wrap up our series I’m chatting with a beautiful friend and colleague — Dr. Erin Laurie.

Erin is a Physical Therapist, Pilates instructor and bride to be based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Erin is the perfect example of healthy bridal balance — she eats well, exercises but also knows when and how to chill out.

Read on for Erin’s approach to her engagement and how she hasn’t let an injury totally derail her fitness agenda.

Then I’d love to hear from you! Please leave a comment below sharing YOUR top tip for a healthy and balanced lifestyle during your engagement.

Erin Laurie | mindbodybride

Meet Erin Laurie

Engagement Date: 04 / 12 / 2015

Wedding Date: 06 / 18 / 16

Years Dated: 4

Dr. Erin Laurie graduated with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from The University of North Carolina in 2010. During her graduate years, her research focus was on Pilates Based Physical Therapy and she went on to gain her 900-hour Pilates certification with The Pilates Center during the completion of her graduate program.
Dr. Laurie shadowed under another Pilates Based Physical Therapist and soon realized the unlimited potential patients receive from the addition of Pilates to traditional Physical Therapy. It is Dr. Laurie’s mission to assist patients in realizing their true physical potential, which in turn will promote healing, and the restoration of health.
She is the Director of Physical Therapy at Iron Butterfly Pilates in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Let’s Chat

mindbodybride:  Have you established a bridal wellness plan? If so, can you run me through that?

Erin Laurie: I haven’t established a full bridal wellness plan but I plan to stay committed to my current healthy lifestyle. I try to do my best with healthy eating and moving daily.  I know that I am a better version of myself if I exercise most days of the week.

Erin Laurie | mindbodybride

MBB: I know you suffered a shoulder injury a few months ago. While you must have felt frustrated to have your fitness plans derailed, what did you do to stay active and motivated during that time?

EL: Although I injured my shoulder and re-injured it last week (!) I focus on rehabilitative exercises that I know my shoulder will respond to rather than ignoring my pain and pushing through. I have many other body parts that I can continue to push hard so I am focused on listening to my shoulder to protect and heal it.

MBB: We know that stress impacts us emotionally, but it also takes a physical toll in the form of muscular aches, insomnia, headaches and even digestive issues.  How do you manage stress, physically and mentally?

EL:  I try and exercise every day to control my stress, even if it’s just a quiet walk with my pups. When I get stressed I also mentally try and refocus on how incredibly blessed I am to be marrying the most amazing man! I am so excited to be getting married and try to put all things into perspective by focusing on how incredibly happy and blessed I am to be experiencing wedding planning … A little corny but so true!!

Erin Laurie

MBB: You’re 6 months away from the big day, which is super exciting. What thoughts, beliefs, or actions help to keep you motivated to maintain your health and fitness amidst the craziness of wedding planning?

EL: My motivation is picturing how I want to feel in my dress! I am obsessed with my dress and want to feel confident and comfortable in it on my big day! This helps me stay focused when temptations come up.

MBB: Ok, so imagine that you’re getting married on a desert island. You can either take flowers, music, or dessert, but not all three. What would you choose?

EL: Hmmmmm… That is hard! I feel like a desert island would have amazing views so no need for flowers… And the sounds of the ocean would be music enough… So maybe chocolate?! Maybe not the answer you are looking for! Haha!

MBB: No, that sounds about right. And maybe cheesecake too!

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