Full Body Workout For Brides

The first Monday after a holiday long-weekend always seems a little hard to swallow, don’t you think? While it’s tempting to drag out that lazy, indulgent weekend feeling, the best thing you can do for your mind and body is to launch yourself back into a healthy routine. And nothing says “with it” more than a butt-kicking, full body workout, which is exactly what we’ll do together today!

The Ultimate

Remember when I told you that I love cardio circuits? Not only do they make time fly, they also sculpt a better body by engaging more muscles from more directions.

Today’s workout has six full body moves that you will repeat for 1 minute each, with a 15 second rest in between… It’s going to be fabulous and fun time!

Why You Want This:

Because six minutes doesn’t sound too long. And three sets of six minutes doesn’t sound much longer!

Why You Need This:

  • There is definitely a place in your workout routine for steady state cardio but today you need to shock your system a little bit more to build your fitness and sweat away stress.
  • This workout will strengthen and tone your legs, butt, arms, abs and back, while increasing your heart rate and boosting your overall cardio endurance.
  • Sweat out that holiday stress and recharge your energy for the week ahead.
  • Pssst –  Still not feeling it? Remember Christmas break is only 3.5 weeks away! Now go get ’em tiger!

How To Get Your Fiancé On Board:

No doubt you’ll get plenty of ‘couple time’ in the coming weeks, make this workout about YOU!

The Ultimate Full Body Workout For Brides

Copy of SPRINT 9 + 10 (1)

The Moves

Click the names below to watch the workout tutorial for each move. You can print or save this workout by clicking the image above! And, while you’re at it, perhaps share the workout on your Pinterest board!

Step Ups

Lateral Rotations

Fast Squats

Crab Kicks

Back Front Burpees

Advanced Spinal Balance

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Did you like this workout? Let me know in the comments below what day you did this workout and how challenging you found it on a scale of 1 – 10

Yours in fitness and in health,

Jennifer Dene xox

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