Paula Begoun on bridal skin care, DIY makeup & packing for the honeymoon

Paula Begoun on bridal skin care, DIY makeup & packing for the honeymoon

Has late night wedding planning (and too much celebratory champagne) left your skin looking less than perfect? If so, you’re going to love today’s article. I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing Paula Begoun – aka The Cosmetic Cop – to bring you insider tips for creating and maintaining glowing skin for your special day.

About Paula

Paula Begoun is the founder of Paula’s Choice skin care and cosmetics. She is the author of 20 best-selling books on skin care, makeup, and hair, and has been featured on shows such as CNN, Oprah, The Today Show, and Dr. Oz. Why is everyone turning to Paula to answer their beauty and skin care questions? It probably has to do with the fact that she scientifically analyzes and reviews thousands of product formulations to ensure that you can find the absolute best products for your skin.

Why I Turn To Paula (for myself and mindbodybride)

Growing up I struggled with acne and despite trying a myriad of products – including medication – nothing seemed to help. In 2009 a girlfriend with perfect, porcelain skin recommended that I try Paula’s Choice and since then I haven’t looked back.

I also frequently turn to Paula’s reviews of literally thousands of products on the market. Imagine my surprise when after years of spending money on “high end” products I learned that some of the most expensive products are the worst for your skin, and that cheap, simple pharmacy lines can sometimes be the best choice for your skin.

These days I use her skin- and sun-care products almost exclusively and I know that you will benefit from her answers below. Of course great skin is also created from the inside out, so tune back in next week for my top 5 wellness skin care tips.

Read on to learn why Paula says it’s never too early to start your pre-wedding beauty routine and the reasons why it’s better to overpack on the honeymoon…


Paula Begoun on …

Finding The Right Products

Jennifer Dene: I love your products, yet even within your brand I notice that some lines suit my skin much better than others. It is often recommended that brides start their pre-wedding beauty routine 3 months before their big day, but how much additional time should be spent to find the perfect products?

Paula Begoun: Skincare reactions can happen immediately or take a few weeks to show up. It really varies depending on the type of reaction you have (for example, an allergic versus a sensitizing reaction). Whether a product is helping should be evident fairly quickly as your skin will look smoother, feel softer, and clear up. Keep in mind that skin care is more about maintenance than immediate results so again it depends on what you’re hoping to realistically achieve.

A Simple At-Home Routine

JD: The wedding preparation list is quite overwhelming. Once a bride-to-be has found the best products for her skin, what is the simplest routine that she can implement on a daily basis to create a bright, smooth complexion?

PB: You need to be familiar with your skin type in order to put together an ideal routine. For example, if you have normal to slightly oily or slightly dry skin your skin care routine can be fairly simple but if you also have sun damage, breakouts, blackheads, wrinkles, skin discolorations, combination skin etc., then things get a bit more complicated. For a basic routine that can address basic skin care needs everyone should absolutely be using a gentle cleanser, nourishing toner (no drying ingredients like alcohol), leave on exfoliant (such as a BHA or AHA), a beautifully formulated sunscreen for daytime, and a moisturizer at night. Of course all these products need to come in textures that are appropriate for your skin type.

DIY Makeup

JD: Many brides consider DIY makeup on their wedding day as a cost-saving option to help manage their wedding budget. In your opinion is it better to stick with the experts or save money and do it yourself?

PB: There is nothing wrong with a DIY makeup application on your special day but that’s only true if you really know how to apply a beautiful makeup that matches the style of your wedding dress. If not, then absolutely have a great makeup artist there. However, just like you need to test drive your hair style for the special day, the same applies to getting your makeup done. See the makeup artist well in advance of your wedding day to be sure you like the way she does your makeup.



Sunscreen Shine

JD: I’m a big believer in daily SPF use, as I know you are, however my makeup artist recommended that I not apply sunscreen under my foundation on my wedding day as it would create shine in the photographs. What would you recommend to brides who might be spending a lot of time outdoors, either on their wedding day or the days before and after when lots of photos will be taken? Is there a product containing SPF that would be a good option?

PB: Your makeup artist is right … any emollient moisturizer, not just sunscreen, will have the same effect. What you can do on your wedding day is wear a foundation and pressed powder that has sunscreen (that’s what I do every day for my oily/combination skin type). So you can wear an exceptionally light moisturizer, primer, or just a well formulated toner and then apply your foundation with SPF over that. Your makeup will hold up better and you won’t suffer sun damage or risk a burn the day of your wedding.

Under Eye Circles

JD: I naturally have dark circles under my eyes but they were definitely exacerbated with the late nights leading up to my wedding day. When I use a concealer I sometimes notice that by the end of the evening it looks rough and dry. Do you have any tips for elegantly covering up the under eye area?

PB: It sounds to me like your eye cream is either poorly formulated or not emollient enough for under your eye area. Gel or thin lotion eye products are notorious for leaving the skin around the eye feeling on the dry side. Definitely try a more emollient moisturizer for around your eyes! The other issue can be if you are wearing a too thick, too heavy, or too drying concealer which can make the under eye look just as you describe. There is a fine line between great coverage and too much coverage. I recommend a concealer with a soft texture that isn’t drying. Start with trying a better moisturizer for around your eyes and finish with a concealer that offers just enough moisture and coverage for your under-eye area without going overboard.

Honeymoon Essentials

 JD: Can you recommend 3 multi-purpose skin care or makeup products for brides who plan to pack light for their honeymoon?

PB: Don’t pack too light and end up with skincare problems or a less than perfect makeup application in the long run. The best multi-purpose products to consider are foundations with sunscreen (SPF 30 minimum—though not for swimming); a great face moisturizer that can also be worn around the eyes (instead of a separate eye cream); and use the shampoo and conditioner in the hotel, don’t bother packing your own.

When you’re traveling, a facial oil such as my Paula’s Choice Resist Moisture Renewal Oil Booster comes in handy as a triple duty product as a moisturizer, eye makeup remover and hair oil all in one.

Your next steps for perfect skin

Paula Begoun Headshot


If you would like to read more expert advice from Paula Begoun on a wide range of topics including skincare issues, makeup tips and product reviews, please visit her site I also recommend scrolling to the bottom of the page and signing up for her email newsletter, which delivers the late skin care news direct to your inbox as well as specials and promotions on Paula’s Choice products.



Now remember that no-one likes a jealous bridesmaid so it would be great if you share this interview with your friends and let everyone feel confident and beautiful for your wedding day.

Yours in beauty,

Jennifer Dene xxx





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