Perfect Posture. Exercises For A Sexy Spine

Perfect Posture. Exercises For A Sexy Spine

As a bride you might spend thousands of dollars on the perfect dress, makeup, hair and jewelry to create your bridal look, but there is one wedding style faux pas that you might not have considered. I’m talking posture. Poor bridal posture is one of my pet peeves which is why I’m sharing my top three sexy-spine exercises with you today.

Posture is usually defined as the relative arrangement of the parts of the body.

  • Ideal posture puts minimal stress and strain on the body and allows the muscles to work efficiently.
  • Poor posture increases strain on the body and movement becomes less efficient. 

What is ideal posture?

Ideal posture means honoring the natural curves of the body, otherwise known as neutral alignment. The adult spine is divided into 4 curves – cervical (back of neck), thoracic (mid back), lumbar (low back), and sacral (back of pelvis). Imagine these curves flowing like a snake in and out along the back chain of the body. The cervical and lumbar curves flow into the center of the body while the thoracic and sacral flow away from the center of the body.

If you don’t have ideal alignment you aren’t alone. Gravity, muscular imbalances and repetitive activity – such as sitting, using a computer or phone, and driving – mean that most people don’t have perfect posture. It is more likely that you are a combination of the other 3 types of (not-so-perfect) posture listed below.

Kyphosis/Lordosis  This posture is characterized by:

  • Forward Head
  • Rounded Mid-Back
  • Arched Low Back

The Kyphotic/Lordotic Bride will have trouble standing tall in her wedding photos.

Flat- Back  This posture is characterized by:

  • Forward Head
  • Tight Upper Back
  • Flat Low Back

The Flat-Back Bride will have trouble loosening up on the dance floor. 

Sway-Back  This posture is characterized by:

  • Forward Head 
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Tucked Pelvis

The Sway-Back Bride will have trouble showing off her decolletage.

What type of posture are you?

Take a full-length photo of yourself from the front and side and look at your spine. Are your shoulders rounded forward or hunched? Is your low back flat, naturally curved or does it have an exaggerated arch? Are your head and chin jutting forward? 

If you can, take a photo of yourself in your wedding dress. How is your posture?  Is this a look that you will be happy with in your wedding photos.

It’s not just how you look. Good posture can make you fitter.

Looking elegant in your wedding gown is one priority, but so is having the ability to dance the night away without suffering the next day.

A body with ideal posture requires less energy to move. Correct alignment minimizes your risk of injury and improves physical performance during workouts. Improving your posture provides an important foundation for doing more intense training, such as this cardio core.

Moves To Improve Your Posture

The three gentle moves demonstrated in the video above can help to improve your alignment no matter what postural type you are.

Your challenge:

  1. Take a full-length photo of yourself from the side, just standing naturally.
  2. Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise every day for one week.
  3. Take another photo on day 7, being mindful of your posture.
  4. Share your results in the comments below.

Now your posture rocks. How about the bridesmaids?

If you feel that your bridesmaids could benefit from my postural exercises I encourage you to forward this article to your friends – if not for them, at least keep your wedding photos in mind!

If you are interested in having access to a workout routine developed specifically for your body type then my Bridal Elite Wellness Program is for you. This program includes a full postural analysis before I create your at-home workout routine which ensures that each workout is not only sculpting and toning your body, but making it more functional and  providing Picture Perfect Posture. Email me to setup your free wedding body strategy session.

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