Pilates Sculpt Workout For Brides (Video)

If you’re not doing Pilates, you’re not training properly for your bridal body.

That’s a pretty bold statement, I know, but without Pilates it’s unlikely that you’re building the perfect balance of strength, flexibility, posture, alignment and poise.

Plus doing a Pilates workout is a major stress buster (if you can think of anything other than your abs and breath during The Hundred then we need to have a chat…)

Jennifer Dene Pilates

When I started Pilates in 2008 I was absolute rubbish, but I fell in love with it all the same. Since that first class I dedicated myself to my practice — and later on my full, 650 hour teacher certification — and have never looked back. I’ve told you before why I think Pilates is amazing for brides, but you can recap here.

Recently I’ve started teaching at a hot Pilates studio in West Hollywood. Since I’m the kind of girl who get’s hot and sweaty in an air-conditioned gym, it took me a minute to get used to the 91 degree studio. But now I’ve got my groove and I’m having a blast.

Jennifer Dene Pilates Sculpt Workout

Whenever I start teaching new clients I go back-to-basics and slow my flow down. I hate going to a Pilates, dance or yoga class where I can’t keep up — it makes me feel like I didn’t really get a workout in.

Besides, I actually find it way harder to do an intermediate class slowly, than an advanced class really fast.

So in today’s class I teach a slow flow that gives a long burn, since we’re keeping the muscles under tension for an extended duration.

Let’s dive in.

Why You Want This

  • You don’t feel like jumping around like a crazy cat doing HIIT training today
  • You know that building core strength corrects your posture, keeps your abdominals flat, and makes you appear lean and svelte from head to toe
  • You admit that flexibility is sexy (just check out who’s hot on Instagram right now)

Why You Need This

Not only does this workout build lean muscle — essentially toning your body, helping you to burn fat and boosting your metabolism — it particularly focuses on the small stabilizing muscles around your joints.

By strengthening these small muscles we are better able to support our joints and skeletal structure during high intensity activity.

Pilates Sculpt With Jennifer Dene

  1. Grab a pair of light weights, about three to five pounds (if you don’t have weights, it’s ok)
  2. Grab a yoga mat
  3. Shoo your fiancé out of the way
  4. Press play

Did you like this workout? If so please leave a comment below telling me one thing that you can do to make Pilates a regular part of your bridal workout routine.

Your Personal Pilates Trainer,
Jennifer Dene xox

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  1. Thank you!! I needed an easy transition back into Pilates! My core strength is non-existent, but I know it will be coming back soon! ?

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