The Fit Bride’s Guide To Ring Maintenance

The Fit Bride’s Guide To Ring Maintenance

During the first month of my engagement I was hyper-aware of taking care of my ring. I would polish it every other day and make sure that it was safely put away before going to the gym. As time went on I became a little more maintenance-lax, so I created a handy checklist to keep myself on track.

I’d love to hear how you care for your ring, as a fit and active bride-to-be. Which of these four points is your number one maintenance priority? Let me know in the comments below!

With diamond love,

Jennifer Dene xox

To remove or not to remove, when working out

General Cardio: Do your fingers swell when you do cardio? If so, you might be more comfortable leaving your ring in a safe place at home. If not, I say wear it.

Swimming: Absolutely remove it. Not only can your fingers shrink from the cold, making it easy for your ring to slide off, repeated exposure to chlorine can seriously damage your setting. Chlorine is a caustic chemical that makes gold mountings brittle, which can eventually crack the mounting and make the prongs fall off — yikes!

Boxing: Remove. D’uh!

Strength Training: Readers choice on this one. I prefer to remove my ring for traditional strength training (i.e. using weights) as I’m worried about the band scratching, and I find it uncomfortable to wear when it presses against the weights. Diamonds are one of the world’s hardest natural materials but that doesn’t mean they can’t chip if you bang it at the wrong angle against a dumbbell.

Yoga and Pilates:  I leave it on.

Clever gym storage tricks

No, dear husband, I never, ever leave my ring in my unprotected wallet when I’m at the gym … (insert awkward smiley here).

General storage: Get a lock on your locker and remember to put your ring back on after you shower!

Strength training: Keep it on your necklace.

Plyometrics: A bouncing necklace can get annoying, especially during mountain climbers. Try one of these cute wrist bands — it’s very 80’s aerobics fab.


Keeping the spark(le) alive

I hope that you’re protecting your wedding day skin by wearing sunscreen for every outdoor workout. Keeping a pretty décolletage can leave a build up of lotion on your engagement ring, so here are three common methods for at home cleaning:

1. Soak the ring in warm water and mild dishwashing liquid, and gently scrub with a soft toothbrush. I use a baby toothbrush as the bristles are much softer.

2. Soak your diamond ring in equal parts ammonia and cold water for half an hour, and let it air dry. Note: This method is only suitable for diamonds as ammonia can damage other stones.

3. Use a brand-name jewelry cleaner (my preference).

Never use bleach.

Professional service: Ring maintenance should also include twice-yearly visits to your jeweler, who can check the integrity of the prongs on your setting. You can have it professionally cleaned then also.


Most home-insurance policies place limits on specific kinds of items —such as jewelry — and may only pay a maximum of $1,500 to $2,500 for all of your jewelry in the event of damage or theft.

To safeguard you have two options: either add a jewelry rider to your current homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, or take out a separate policy with a specialty insurer. Here’s a step-by-step guide for getting this done.

Insurance doesn’t end there for the fit bride. Protect yourself from the cost of losing or damaging your ring whilst at the gym, pool or park (or anywhere way from home) by taking out optional portable personal valuables cover. As with regular insurance, you’ll need to specify the value of your engagement ring.

My last note on insurance is to read the fine print on all of your policies. Ok, I’ll step down from my soap box now.

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