5 Must Have Cookbooks For Your Wedding Registry

Questions you might be asking about your wedding registry.

1. To register or not to register?

2. Traditional or non-traditional?

3. Practical or luxurious?

4. Gift-wrapped or eco-friendly?

5. Do I need a full set of monogrammed china, Downtown Abby style?

Being creator of your wedding registry is yet another hat that the busy bride will wear — the designer/stylist/homemaker/chef hat. On the one hand it feels like Christmas has come early, on the other it can be overwhelming to choose the right gifts, correspond thank you cards and deal with all that packaging.

Oh the packaging.

I’ve previously suggested some top registry picks for the fit and healthy bride (here and here). Today I’m going to add to that list with Five Must Have Cookbooks for your wedding registry.

Wedding Registry Cookbooks | mindbodybride 1

As an international couple with an overseas wedding, my husband and I had originally planned to skip the registry altogether. After numerous requests we ended up making a small wish list, but in hindsight I should have given it a bit more thought. 

It may not surprise you to learn that we didn’t need a bright red insulated picnic bag — a picnic blanket would have been much more useful — or 10 bath towels! What was I thinking?!

But, we also received some really unique pieces that I love, such as cereal bowls hand painted in Poland and a couple of cookbooks that I had been drooling over.

As you build your wedding registry consider adding a few of the cookbooks from the list below. Not only are the recipes in these books delicious and nutritious, they will add so much joy to your life.

After all, staying in on a Friday night, putting on the new Adele album, drinking red wine and cooking scrumptious meals with your husband is one of the best parts of married life.

Wedding Registry Cookbooks | mindbodybride

Now It’s Your Turn!

What is your favorite cookbook? Perhaps you already own it, or perhaps it’s on your wish list. I’m always on the look out for a new kitchen tome, so please let me know in the comments below!

With a love of recipes and relationships,

Jennifer Dene

Five Must Have Wedding Registry Cookbooks 

1. Plenty, Yotam Ottolenghi
Why You Want This

This man makes vegetables sexy, what more could you ask for? Most recipes are simple, some have a long ingredients list, but one things for sure — you will never look at a carrot the same way again.

Also check out Plenty More

2. The Green KitchenDavid Frenkiel and Luise Vindahl Andersen
Why You Want This

With photos that look good enough to eat, this plant-based cook book is equal parts practical and scrumptious.

Also check out Vegetarian Everyday
3. The Southern Foodie’s Guide To The Pig, Chris Chamberlain
Why You Want This

Healthy eating is equal parts clean nutrition and lip-smacking goodness, so it’s important to balance the bookshelf. This book is a culinary tail that takes you from hoof to snout, and cornbread to coleslaw across some of the South’s best barbecue restaurants. Your Groom will love it. 

4. It’s All Good, Gwyneth Paltrow
Why You Want This

I’m a GP fan and her cookbook didn’t disappoint. This book is for you if you want healthy makeovers for some of your favorite recipes, plus suggested menus in the back.

5. Paleo Every Day, Pete Evans
Why You Want This

A girlfriend recently gave me Pete Evans’ latest cookbook and Nate and I have put it through it’s paces (beef heart anyone?). The recipes are simple, with big flavors and, for those of us who aren’t paleo, tend to go well with a side of brown rice!

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