Wedding Wellness 101: Don’t Break A Habit, Start A New One

As we wrap up the first full week of 2016 I encourage you to review your New Year’s Resolutions. Have you set realistic wedding wellness goals for the months ahead, or are you trying to break an old habit that you’ve been struggling to shake?

I’ve been helping men and women improve their health and fitness for over eight years. During this time I’ve noticed that the clients who reach and exceed their goals, and maintain their results, usually have a common characteristic.

Those who have the most success are the ones who create new habits, rather than consciously trying to break old ones.

Your Wedding Wellness Plan

 Rather than obsessing over what you might be doing wrong in terms of your health and fitness, it’s time to create a series of healthy, realistic, new habits that bring you closer to the life you desire to live.

Instead of denying and punishing yourself to break an old, bad habit make the positive decision to create a better, new one. This puts you back in the driver’s seat of your own wellness and, over time, your new habits crowd out the ones that you would like to let go.

YOU Are Beautiful | Wedding Wellness

Bridalicious babes take action now!

1. Think of three habits that you have that are sabotaging your health and fitness and write them down.

2. Next, think of three simple, positive practices that you could adopt, which over time will crowd out those habits from step one.

3. Without thinking about breaking your old habits, implement your new practices on a daily basis for the month of January. At the end of the month review your progress and see if your new habits have brought you closer to your wedding wellness goals.

Here are some examples:

  • You could break the habit of cutting out all the sugar you eat (with brings with it feelings of deprivation), or you could create the new habit of eating more savory snacks. By swapping your afternoon chocolate bar for hummus and veggies or baked tortilla chips with guacamole, you’re reducing your overall sugar intake and eating more vegetables, but not denying yourself the occasional sweet treat.
  • You could try to break your Pinterest addiction to help you go to sleep earlier, or you could create the new habit of reading a book 30 minutes before your ideal bed time. Not only does reading relax the brain and prepare you for sleep, your body will get used to the rhythm of picking up a book and falling asleep shortly thereafter.
  • You could use sheer willpower to not hit the “snooze” button, or you could focus on your new habit of adding movement to your morning routine. Even if it’s just a simple stretch or walk around the block, having a positive reason to get up will make it easier to follow through. 



Get Your Free Wedding Wellness Guide

Now it’s your turn to make simple, effective changes to your health and wellness leading up to your wedding day. I would love to hear about your three positive new habits in the comments below, so that I can continue to support and motivate as you become a total Bombshell Bride.

Happy New Year gorgeous!

Jennifer Dene xoxo

P.S. If meditation is one new habit that you have been meaning to adopt then you are going to love next Friday’s post where we start a three week meditation challenge, for non-meditators! Sign Up for our weekly email newsletter and I’ll remind you when that challenge kicks off (plus download your free wedding wellness starter guide)

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