Shape Your Dream Bridal Body In Just 30 Minutes A Day

Get twice the results in half the time. The Bombshell Bride Workout Program is the only bridal-specific workout program that you can stream directly to your computer, phone or tablet.

Does this sound like you?

You want to feel sexy, confident and excited during your engagement, and like an absolute BOMBSHELL on your wedding day.

You want to get in great shape without having to spend too much time at the gym.  

You want to love how you look and feel at your next dress fitting, or when you're shopping for your honeymoon bikini...

...But right now you're unmotivated, uninspired and a little overwhelmed with the whole wedding planning thing. 

Getting in shape is the last thing on your to do list (which is where most brides go wrong).

You Deserve To Be A Bombshell Bride

Want In?

I'm Jennifer Dene...

...Celebrity Pilates & fitness trainer, health coach and founder of Mind Body Bride.

I've helped dozens of women get in amazing shape for their weddings, myself included, and I'd love to do the same for you. 

This workout program is specifically designed for brides who are short on time but want big results, without having to spend a fortune on a personal trainer or suffer through the latest cleanse. 

My workouts are fun, flexible and super effective—without taking too much time out of your day. 

What Brides Are Saying

"Jenn shaped the bridal body I always wanted. I felt fabulous & confident at my wedding, and still do today!" ~ Ellie K

"I lowered my body fat, toned up, and my belly is the flattest it's ever been." ~Amy Z

"I love Jennifer's workouts, the format is easy to understand, she's totally motivating and I stick with it!" ~Kristina B

"I've lost four inches and 2% body fat in the six weeks since starting Jennifer's Program. I would recommend it to anyone at any fitness level" ~Melissa D

"I have been recommending this program to anyone that will listen! The content is great and it's structured in a way that keeps you it's always nice when your clothes keep getting looser" ~Bethany S

Here's How It Works

The Bombshell Bride Workout Program is the only workout plan you need to get in amazing shape for your big day. 

The next live round starts on Monday, February 13th, 2017


Sweat, Sculpt & Stretch your way to that dream bridal body with high intensity interval training and Pilates-inspired toning exercises.
All workouts are 30 minutes.


This tells you exactly what to do on each day, and when to rest. No bridal brain power required!


These will maximize your results (and take the "boring" out of cardio). Suitable for outdoors or on the treadmill.


I'm super excited to share this program with you. Have two girlfriends sign up (brides or otherwise) and you get a full refund.

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The Nitty Gritty

The program runs for 12 weeks.

You'll receive an email every two weeks with your new workout videos.

You can access past workouts for up to four weeks. 
You only repeat each video twice before starting a brand new set of workouts.  No repetition. No boredom.

Equipment needed: 1 x pair medium weights (8 - 12 pounds) + 1 x pair light weights (2 - 5 pounds) + 1 x exercise mat.