Fitness Rules For Busy Brides

Wedding Workouts

Ladies, it’s time to tie your laces and pull your hair back because we are going to sweat. But before I post the first of many Mind Body Bride wedding workouts, here are a few ground rules to keep you safe — and achieve long lasting results fast!

Fitness Rules For Busy Brides

Correct Technique Sorts The Winners From The Quitters

As a trainer I encourage my clients to focus on efficient and deliberate movement (i.e. not just going through the motions). Understanding how to correctly engage your muscles and safely increase your challenge will lead to swift and long term physical change.

Trainer Secret: Recruiting the right muscles in the right way will bring you twice the results in half the time. Taking a regression – the more basic option – is sometimes the best way to boost your fitness.


Be Proud Of Where You Are Right Now

In Pilates there is an advanced exercise called Teaser. There is a whole series of moves to master before you can perform Teaser — each of them challenging in their own right. Conquering these individual challenges is a cause for celebration, regardless of whether you advance to Teaser or not.

The same goes for fitness. If walking is a challenge for you right now then walking is what you should be doing. Don’t rush the journey and remember that every step you take is changing the shape of your body.

Bored Muscles Are Lazy Muscles

Be honest now, have you been doing the same workout for months? Woops! That complacency is getting in the way of your success. To see change you need to rotate between cardio and strength training, move at different speeds, use different resistances, and recruit the muscle fibers in different ways.

Try This: The 12 Week Bombshell Bride Wedding Workout Program is what you need. Your body will never get bored (and neither will you). Check it out here.


Conjure The Trainer In Your Head

90% of the time I train myself. It’s just me, some basic equipment and a good playlist. No one is around to encourage and motivate me, and no one will ever know if I quit or don’t give it my all.

But when my legs are burning and my breath is coming hard I don’t give up… I train myself.

… I find it really helpful to be positive with myself (and to remember why I’m kicking my own butt!). Try these mantras on for size:

  • “You’ve got this, don’t stop now.”
  • “Just keep moving.”
  • “Nearly there.”
  • “Girl, this is so easy!”

Start Today

Let’s get at it. Pick a workout, grab your tunes and hit the ground running. Every Mind Body Bride workout is designed to help you feel wedding dress ready without diets or deprivation. So what are you waiting for? Let’s do it to it!


With love,

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P.S. Don’t forget to check out my 12 Week Wedding Workout Program. It’s kind of awesome!

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