Why Brides Have It All Wrong (Maybe You’re One Of Them)

I’ve visited many online wedding forums and have found that the discussions on these sites related to health and fitness can be rather distressing. Brides are going in search of weight loss tips and instead are met with a barrage of diets, deprivation and guilt. I think these comments to be misleading because they focus on weight loss rather than wellness.

Wellness means creating a life of health, balance and joy through movement, good nutrition and self-care.  By focusing on small lifestyle changes you can improve your health physically, mentally and emotionally.


Bridal wellness is different from weight loss because:

Wellness doesn’t look like carrot sticks and cottage cheese for lunch. Wellness looks like fueling your body with delicious, nutritious foods in every color of the rainbow.

Wellness doesn’t understand words like “quick fix”. Wellness is a lifestyle.

Wellness doesn’t listen to the gremlins that say “I can’t do it”, “I’m too fat”, or “I’m too ugly”. Wellness only hears gratitude and encouragement.

Wellness doesn’t believe in control. Wellness believes in balance and awareness.

Wellness doesn’t detract from your life. Wellness puts you back in control of your health and your destiny.

This is not to say that I am anti-weight loss – as I have previously mentioned I also lost 30 pounds around the time of my wedding and I feel fantastic. But my success only came when I realized this simple truth:

Weight loss does not lead to wellness, but wellness can lead to weight loss.
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By choosing wellness I let go of self-criticism, emotional eating, obsessive exercise, mood swings and anxiety. I lost my fear of socializing and no longer felt like I was in a losing battle with my own body. Weight loss was part of my wellness journey, but that doesn’t mean it has to be part of yours.

Choose wellness if you want to:

  • Strengthen and tone your muscles
  • Have glowing skin and shining hair
  • Share positive energy
  • Laugh with abandon
  • Manage stress efficiently
  • Sleep well
  • Feel aroused
  • Move with confidence and good posture
  • Live at your ideal weight, not someone else’s

This week I want you to choose wellness. Write down one non-weight loss reason why wellness will benefit you in your wedding preparation. This reason will encourage you to workout, eat well, prioritize self-care and be grateful for every moment that you are changing your life.

Spread this positive message by leaving your one wellness ‘why’ in the comments below and sharing this article with your girlfriends.

Remember, health starts here and happiness starts now.

Yours with gratitude,

Jennifer Dene xxx

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