How To Create A Workout Routine That You Love (and that gets results)

How To Create A Workout Routine That You Love (and that gets results)

Happy Tuesday! I’ve just finished a great at-home workout and feel very inspired to write this post for you today, which is all about creating a bridal workout routine that you love!

A Pair Of Small Pink Dumbbells For Women To Workout With

Jessica, a mindbodybride reader from South Africa, shared with me that she’s never really found a workout that she enjoyed. Jessica knows that being fit is just as important as being at a certain weight — if not more so — but she struggles to get into any type of exercise routine. She wants to know how to find a form of exercise that she likes, that will keep her lean and make her fit. This is a great question and as always I’m happy to oblige!

If you have any questions about creating your dream bridal body, and keeping it long after the wedding day, please email me.

I may no longer be a busy-bride but I’m definitely a busy-bee, which is why I recommend using this 3 step formula with workouts that are 30 – 45 minutes in length. Knowing that you don’t need to spend too long exercising effectively busts through that initial “but I don’t have time” roadblock.
However, these 30 – 45 minutes are only effective because they are very focused. You won’t catch me standing around checking Instagram in between sets and I hope that you aren’t doing that either!

I also save time by prioritizing workouts that I can do at home, in my garden or my neighborhood. Not only does this eliminate travel but it also allows me to strike whilst the exercise-iron is hot! You can try some of my at home workouts here,  here  and here. 

Ok, let’s dive in.

3 Steps To Making The Best Workout Ever

Have a plan. Do a circuit.

I see people wandering around the gym doing a bicep curl here, then a deadlift there… Do they have all day? You need to go in knowing exactly what you are going to do if you expect to change your body (and still have time to call the caterer).

The other reason why I love circuit training is because it keeps my mind interested, there’s nothing more tedious than watching the clock during a training session, and you’ll be amazed at how the time flies when you’re constantly changing exercises.

Here’s how to create a circuit:

  • Choose 4 – 8 exercises for different body parts
  • Set a time or number of reps for each exercise (30 seconds or 15 reps is a good place to start)
  • Move quickly from one exercise to the next without resting. You’re only in this thing for 30 minutes, so don’t waste time at the water fountain. Need to pull back the intensity? Go for it, just don’t stop
  • Repeat the series 3 times and then do a little cardio burst (think jumping jacks, butt kicks or even dancing)
  • Repeat everything 2 – 3 more times

How to make this even more enjoyable:

  • Explore new moves – did you see something online that looked fun? Try it. Like a particular exercise in my video workouts? Put it in there.
  • Challenge yourself to beat the number of reps each round, or move a little faster.
  • Put on a terrific playlist, something that makes you never want to stop!
Image: Pinterest
Image: Pinterest

Train all the body in every direction.

This is where my six years as a Pilates trainer enhances my workout design. To get the body you want we need to hit it from every direction. That means moving forwards, backwards & side to side; working the abs, back, inner & outer arms, inner & outer legs; using flexion, rotation and extension of the spine. Not only does multi-directional movement sculpt a fabulously fit and feminine body, it’s also fun and interesting!

A split workout schedule, i.e. where you do legs one day and upper body the next, won’t sculpt your dream bridal body. You need compound, multidirectional movements in a fast-paced circuit.

Here are some ideas for mixing it up and making it fun!

Bored with lunges? Try step ups 

Sick of crunches? Try crab kicks 

Burpees? No way! Try this one 

Just Show Up.

This is my 2015 mantra. I might not like it, I might not understand it, I might be scared of it, but you better believe I’m just going to do it. The only way that you’ll find a workout style that you love is by experimenting.

Take action now

Write down 7 different types of exercise, one for each day this week. It might look something like this:

After each workout write down:

  1. How much you enjoyed it on a scale of 1 – 10
  2. What you liked and what you didn’t
  3. How you could make it more fun
  4. Was it hard enough? Was it too hard?

Continue to explore until you have found three different forms of exercise that you really enjoy.

Jessica, I hope this helps. Now I would love to hear from each and every one of you. What sets mindbodybride apart from other weight loss, wellness and fitness sites (apart from it being specifically for the busy, blushing bride) is that I’m here to inspire and hold you accountable

I want you to tell me, in the comments below, that you are ready to commit to a fun and consistent workout routine. Tell me: what workouts will you try and what days will you try them. Bonus points for those who come back and tell me how you liked them.

By committing your goals to both yourself and the mindbodybride community you’re giving yourself a much greater chance of success.

download calendar advanced BBP

Finally, if you want to find a workout style that you love, and that gets results, I encourage you to check out The Body Bliss Program. I created this 10 – week online fitness and nutrition program to help you love fitness and sculpt your dream bridal body. There are three distinct workout styles that include my signature circuit training, Pilates based strength training and fat-blasting cardio, plus a couple of bonus stretch workouts (see the calendar above). Every two weeks you will receive 3 new workouts as well as 9 amazingly delicious recipes created by Erica Julson (RDN).

You can find out more and register here. Got questions? Email me before this Friday, July 24th 2015. Don’t delay as registration is soon closing.

BONUS! If you register for this release of The Body Bliss Program you receive lifetime access. That means you automatically receive a place in every new release from now until forever! This opportunity for lifetime access may not be available in next year’s release, so what are you waiting for?!

Yours in workouts & wedding bells,

Jennifer Dene xox

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