Hi! I’m Jennifer Dene …

I founded Mind Body Bride to help busy brides become bombshell brides, without diets or deprivation. I teach women how to eat, move and live in a way that sculpts the bridal body of their dreams.

BUT … unlike many other health & fitness pros I believe that moderation is the key to success.

There is no place in a woman’s engagement for diets and negative self-talk…

And you really can look and feel amazing on your wedding day without having to skip dessert and spend hours on the gym floor! 

At Mind Body Bride I want to make the whole experience feel as good as the honeymoon, which is why I encourage a glass of champagne, mango smoothies and plenty of sleeping in!

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I’m a celebrity Pilates instructor, Elite Personal Trainer, and health & nutrition coach. I’ve worked with hundreds of clients from around the world — women and men of all ages and lifestyles.

I now love spending most of my time helping busy brides implement my simple fitness, nutrition and lifestyle programs to create the bombshell body they’ve been dreaming of. 

When I’m not designing my next online program — or training private clients here in Los Angeles —I can be found cooking up a storm in my tiny kitchen, hiking with my husband Nate, and perfecting the art of wine drinking & Netflix watching.

Want to dig a little deeper?

Here’s eight things you don’t know about me:

  1. I’m a small town Aussie girl who was whisked off to live in America by the man of her dreams. Try tackling that MIL hurdle!
  2. I workout to rap, EDM, and Andrew Lloyd Webber soundtracks.
  3. I love the mornings. You will catch me at my best at 6:30am. Don’t expect me to be the life of the party after 9pm.
  4. I like chocolate in the morning and cereal at night … But, I’ve overcome a pretty stellar cereal addiction (no joke), so I try to minimize nightly forays into brightly colored boxes!
  5. I wanted to become a lawyer when I was younger, just so that I could own a briefcase.
  6. I went from being a non-athlete in high school to owning my own fitness business. What’s that they say about old dogs…?
  7. I have a BA in Communications and Journalism from the University of Technology, Sydney.
  8. I really, really would love to be invited to an Indian wedding.

I’m also living proof that you can find your ideal weight without diets and deprivation. I lost 30 pounds after ditching diets and loving on my body, so I know that you can do it too. Read my story here. 

Now, let’s talk weddings and how we can work together:

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