Exercise Snacking & A Leg Workout For Busy Days

Have you struggled to commit to a regular fitness routine during your engagement? The early stages of wedding planning can make an already-full schedule burst at the seams, but that doesn’t mean that exercise should be overlooked.

Today I want to talk to you about “exercise snacking”, and why it could be a perfect fit for the busy bride.

What on earth is exercise snacking?!

Exercise snacking = doing “bite-sized” bursts of activity throughout the day, rather than one long session.

Exercise Snacking Stretch

Exercise Snacking: The Low Down

A study was conducted last year to analyze the benefits of short bursts of exercise taken before meals, for people who are insulin resistant. Here’s what happened:

  • The participants were asked to complete three 12-minute workouts throughout the day, one before each meal.
  • The workouts included three, six-minute intervals of power walking for one minute followed by one minute of upper body resistance training.
  • The results suggested that increasing the heart rate prior to eating was helpful in boosting the body’s fat- and sugar-burning functions.

This was research targeted to people at risk for diabetes, so the specific findings of this test may not be relevant to you. Saying that, I think that the general concept of exercise snacking could be beneficial for busy women who don’t have a consistent exercise routine and are looking to move more throughout the day.

Exercise Snacking Stretch

I’ve worked with fitness clients for over seven years and I know that the hardest part for everyone is simply getting started, which is why the idea of breaking down activity into “bite-sized” chunks could be just the ticket.

Keep in mind that I’m not talking about interval training for weight loss. Using weight loss as motivation to exercise detracts from the long term (and more meaningful) benefits of having an active lifestyle.

Plus, I’ll eat my running cap before giving brides another reason to think that they need to lose weight.

Why You Want This?

  • Because wedding planning is a rather sedentary job (another hour lost to Pinterest…)
  • Because you know that you can mentally commit to short bursts of activity.
  • Because you like the idea of getting that exercise “high” several times throughout the day.

Why You Need This?

Wouldn’t it be nice to automatically take the stairs instead of the elevator? Short bursts of regular movement can encourage you to be generally more active throughout the day, and you’ll reap the energizing benefits of having an active lifestyle. 

Of course the secret recipe for an overall healthy lifestyle is a balance between short bursts of exercise, longer duration exercise and rest — but it’s nice to know that cutting the corners isn’t always a bad thing.

How To Get Your Fiance On Board

My husband actually beat me to the punch on this one. Nate’s work schedule often makes it hard for him to get to the gym, so he might start the day with 100 pushups, take a walk around the block on his lunch break and after work do 100 squats.

How To Implement Exercise Snacking

mindbodybride workouts are an ideal exercise snack, or the main meal! Many of my circuits are only 3 – 6 minutes in length, and can be repeated as many times as you like. 

This is How I “Snack”

  • I work in 15 minute blocks
  • I start with my sweatiest, most high-intensity series in the morning (pre-shower) 
  • At midday I do a low impact workout (like a walk)
  • I finish the afternoon with a mini-sculpt

Exercise Snacking - Booty Burn - mindbodybride

This six-minute leg workout is a great example of a mini-sculpt, and can be done as a standalone “snack” or added to the end of a longer cardio session. So go and grab a pair of light weights and join me on the mat!

mindbodybride Booty Burn

Now It’s Your Turn

Do you struggle sticking to a regular exercise routine? Does the idea of exercise snacking appeal to you or are you a one-and-done sort of gal? Let me know in the comments below.

With lunchboxes of love, 

Jennifer Dene xox

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