A Six Minute Yogalates Bridal Workout

Happy 2016 you beautiful bride!

We’re only four days into the new year but it’s already been filled with so much love — the romantic proposals that have popped up on Instagram and Facebook this week have been totally swoon-worthy.

Whether you are a newly engaged bride to be, or you’re coming into the last months of your engagement, there are a lot of decisions to make.

  • What venue? What date? Who makes the guest list?
  • Have we recently heard from the stylist? The caterer? The florist?
  • Who has RSVP’d? Is the honeymoon booked? Do the groomsmen have matching ties?

I can’t help you find a caterer (unless you’re getting married in Byron Bay, in which case I have the man for you), but I can absolutely help relieve one huge bridal stressor — what to do about your bridal fitness and nutrition routine.

Your Bridal Workout Debunked

Get your sculpt on with Jennifer Dene in this six minute yogalates bridal workout

2016 brings with it fabulous new mindbodybride workouts, recipes and wedding stress busters, both on the blog and in the release of my bridal fitness and nutrition e-guides that will show you exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it, to sculpt the bridal body of your dreams. Stay tuned for more info about the guides coming soon!

But let’s not dilly-dally as today we’re diving straight into the first bridal workout for the new year.

Why You Want This

  • You have 6 minutes and want to feel the burn without busting a sweat
  • You know that balancing exercises engage your core muscles and sculpt a hot bod.
  • You’re sick of boring, inefficient gym workout routines that haven’t changed your physique in the last six months.

Why You Need This

Your bridal workout calendar needs to combine cardio (high intensity and steady state), strength training, sculpting, stretching and resting.

Some days the goal is to boost your heart rate with plyometrics and fast-paced circuits, but there is no need to train like an energizer bunny every day of the week — in fact, over training will move you further away from your ideal fitness goals.

This Yogalates workout is a great, low impact way to strengthen and tone muscles throughout your entire body.

How To Get Your Fiancé On Board

It would be pretty cool if “more Pilates and yoga” was on his New Years Resolution list … but if not just send him out for coffee and make this workout about you!

Bombshell Bride Yogalates Workout

If you enjoy this workout I would love for you to share it with your friends and, of course, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below – I am here to support and motivate you to becoming a Bombshell Bride!

Also, remember to download your free ♥ bridal workout calendar ♥

With love,

Jennifer Dene xoxo

(PS: Add this cardio series at the beginning and end of your Yogalates sculpt for a full bridal workout!)

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