Should You Diet Before Your Wedding?

Should you diet before your wedding? That’s a question that I’m often asked, and one that regularly pops up in the Wedding Wire health & fitness forum, where I spend time each week weighing in on bride’s health questions.  

I have to admit that sometimes reading the other answers to this question make me a little anxious, think 800 calorie a day diets, exercising when injured and zero treats allowed.

That’s not what being engaged is all about.

If you would like to lose weight before your wedding (because you would feel healthier doing so, and not because of some misguided stereotype), there is a very simple formula:

Start early. Six months is good, 10-12 months is even better.

It’s vital to have enough time to lose weight safely and sustainably, and to give yourself some breathing space for those weeks when life gets in the way.

Eat real food, and yes, that includes carbs.

Not only is it unnecessary to cut out an entire food group in order to lose weight, it’s also expensive — whole grains are a cheap, low-calorie and nutrient-dense way to bulk out your meals. Brown rice, quinoa, lentils & oats are your friends.

Move your body everyday.

That doesn’t mean killing yourself at the gym, it just means choosing to be active. A 30 minute walk in your neighborhood is a great place to start, or taking the stairs instead of the elevator when you’re at the mall.

Rest more.

Sleep is vital for cell regeneration and liver repair (there’s that celebratory champagne to keep in mind), and without adequate sleep your body remains in a constant state of stress, which makes it very hard to lose fat.

Stop overthinking it.

Just choose a plan and stick with it; the more you bounce from one program to the next the longer it will take you to see results. This is why I never recommend strict diets, because they’re simply not sustainable. Oh, and they suck.

So that’s your general set of guidelines for losing weight, or simply feeling healthier, before the big day. It may sound simple, but simple works — stop re-inventing the wheel!

And as bonus “fire-round” here are my quick answers to some of the latest Wedding Wire questions. Of course these are just my opinions, so take or leave them as you please.

Should You Diet Before Your Wedding? And Other Bridal Qs…

Q. Should You Order A Smaller Dress Size

MBB Answer: No, order the dress that fits you now, as you can’t accurately predict how much body mass you will lose. BUT do this before you buy

  • Find a good seamstress
  • Show her a picture of the dress that you want
  • Ask how many sizes she can take it in, how long it will take, and will it takeaway from any of the dresses detail
  • Order the dress with enough time for these alterations

Q. Should You Go On A Ketogenic Diet

MBB: Probably not. The ketogenic diet involves drastically reducing carbohydrate intake and replacing it with fat. Without commenting on whether or not this is better for your health (I’m not a dietitian) it takes considerable focus and willpower to maintain, and that may not be a priority during your engagement. If you do decide to go keto I recommend working with a registered dietitian or clinical nutritionist to get you started.

Q. Should You Weight Yourself Everyday

MBB: Absolutely not. The number on the scale doesn’t always reflect your new body shape, and it can be demoralizing. Get rid of the scales and do this instead:

  • Every two weeks take a full length body photo in your form-fitting workout gear or underwear.
  • Every four weeks measure inches at your bust, waist, thighs and upper arms and write them down.
  • Physical changes are much easier to monitor when you can see physical evidence side by side.

And that’s a wrap!

Now I’d love to hear from you.

Have you been following a particular diet before your wedding? What’s your opinion on “wedding diets” in general? Let me know below!

With love,

Jennifer Dene XO

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