Get Motivated To Exercise (Plus A Super Sweaty Leg Workout)

You’re going to love today’s 10 minute leg workout. It’s quick, sweaty and effective. But before we dive in I want to give you some helpful tips about how to stay motivated to exercise and follow through on your bridal body goals!


I was totally wiped out last week. It was that kind of bone tired where everything takes a little too much effort. You know that feeling when even shaving your legs seems like an insurmountable task?

Sorry Nate.

This happens to me occasionally, when I push too hard, for too long, without taking a break. It’s my body saying: “we gave you ample opportunity to stop, but you didn’t, so now we’re stopping you”.

Do you ever have that feeling that life can get so busy that stopping to rest doesn’t seem like an option? 

I know I do; as a solo-entrepreneur, a personal trainer, a wife, a daughter, a (recovering) Type A personality with constant big plans…it can get busy.

Yet I’m not planning a wedding, so chances are that you might be feeling pretty overwhelmed (read: stressed, tired and unmotivated) too.

But is your overwhelm preventing you from reaching your personal goals — as a bride, a fiancée and an amazing individual?

If you find yourself regularly giving in to short term desires, such as skipping your gym session or raiding the cookie jar, then it’s time to start a couple of new habits that will help you feel better in yourself, and your relationship, every single day.

Here are three tips to help you stay motivated to exercise, even on those days when you really don’t want to.

Habit #1: Schedule it.

I always exercise in the morning, about an hour after I wake up. I like this routine because I don’t have to think about whether I will or won’t do it, it’s just another part of my day, like showering or making breakfast. 

If I’m tired, as I was last week, this might be a simple walk around the block or doing some stretches in my living room. Otherwise I’m hitting up one of my home-workouts, doing Pilates or some kind of cardio.   

In a nutshell: Decide when (not if) you will exercise, and do it at the same time every single day.

Habit #2: Don’t Overthink It.

Getting out the door, literally or figuratively, is the hardest part. On those days when you’re really not feeling the fitness vibe I recommend committing yourself to just 10 minutes. I find that once my shoes are on and I’ve gotten going that I usually want to continue. 

But if you hit that 10 minute mark and it’s still struggle-street, well, at least you did something (and stuck to the schedule).

In a nutshell: Don’t give yourself the option of quitting before you put your shoes on and start moving for 10 minutes. Then make the call.

Habit #3: Follow A Program.

You know that instant exercise motivation that you get from going to a gym class? Having someone tell you what to do gets you out of your head and in to your body in a way that nothing else can.

I can’t overemphasize the importance of having a simple-to-follow exercise program if you’re training for specific results on a tight deadline (and yes, weddings tick those boxes). 

Stop wasting time on ineffective exercises — or not exercising at all because you don’t know what to do — and press play on a workout that will get you big results in very little time.

In a nutshell: Follow the Bombshell Bride 12 Week Workout Program.

Now let’s put those habits into action by pressing play on today’s workout!

Superset Sweat-Sesh For Ridiculously Good Looking Legs

Well, that’s quite the tall order but I think we can do it!

Today’s leg workout combines cardio and toning, using quick supersets (i.e. one exercise immediately after the other) to get big results in just 10 minutes.

Equipment: exercise mat (optional)

Energy: high

Levels: all

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

Do you struggle with feeling motivated to exercise, especially when life gets busy? What is one thing that you can do to boost your energy and step out of that rut TODAY? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

With Love,

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  1. Thank you Jennifer, I love these quick workouts that get my heart rate up! I too suffer from extreme energy swings. These past few weeks I have been fatigued by back-to-back travel for work and bad allergies here in the midwest. But with lots of rest and getting back into a healthy routine (including exercise) I’m starting to feel better.

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