How To Stay Healthy With A Busy Social Calendar

Sticking to your bridal health and fitness routine should be easy. Yet often your social life can take you off track.

Whether it’s a friend’s wedding, your birthday party or just another weekend, it’s important to know how to stay healthy with a busy social calendar, to keep you reaching your bridal wellness goals.

How To Stay Healthy With A Busy Social Calendar

With my husband’s birthday in April and mine in mid-May, plus Easter, Mother’s Day, ANZAC Day, Memorial Day, and the usually flurry of engagement parties, weddings and baby showers, March — May is always bursting with celebrations.

As an introvert I often have to dig deep to rally for party after party without feeling exhausted. If it were up to be I would be in pajamas by 8pm each night, with a mug of hot tea and a dry British detective show.

But I’m not an old married woman just yet, so when the invites start flowing faster than the champagne I turn to the 12 habits below to keep me feeling healthy, happy and enjoying each celebration to the fullest.

Why You Want (And Need) This

It’s likely that I’m not the only one celebrating this season. Between spring/autumn weddings, birthdays, new babies and weekend getaways your social calendar might be close to bursting.

It’s all good.

You just need a few tips and tricks up your sleeve to enjoy the festivities, without feeling like you’ve taken 10 steps back in your own bridal wellness plan.

How To Get Your Fiancé On Board

If he’s anything like my husband he can eat, drink and be merry without needing much rest. Set your boundaries and make sure that he knows you need to stick to them.

How To Stay Healthy With A Busy Social Calendar

1. Eat when you’re hungry, not on a schedule: News flash, your body won’t shut down if you skip a meal or don’t have regular snacks. If you’ve eaten your fill at the party (or intend to do so later in the day), don’t feel pressured into eating again, just because it’s a meal-time.

2. Don’t be the first at the buffet table: As a foodie and a regular hostess of dinner parties I used to fill my plate quickly, to show my appreciation for the effort that it took to cater for a crowd. In doing so, however, I would finish my meal before everyone else and often go back for seconds, even if I wasn’t hungry. These days I politely decline the “ladies first” rule, and take my time to serve in an unhurried and relaxed fashion.

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3. Remember that there’s always more food: P.S. to Tip #2 — there is always more food. Don’t eat like you’re being sent to a desert island just because it’s a party, and don’t feel under pressure to go back for seconds just because it was delicious.

4. Wait on a drink and then savor it: Say no to the first alcoholic drink that you’re offered, and start with a sparkling water instead. This saves calories, keeps you hydrated and minimizes (or at least delays) the onset of boozy munchies.

5. Regularly cook at home: Making your own meals saves money and keeps you in control of exactly what goes on your plate. If you know that you’ll be eating at restaurants for upcoming social events, spend some time in the kitchen during nights spent at home, and try your hand at healthier versions of your favorite treats.

6. Drink more water: Staying hydrated boosts your metabolism, detoxifies your system, aids in weight loss, prevents over-eating, benefits your sleep, and elevates your mood. It’s easy to forget to about water when you’re out of your normal routine, so set an alarm on your phone to sound at the top of each hour, reminding you to drink up.

7. Move your body everyday: I always make better lifestyle decisions when I start my day with movement. Exercise revs up your metabolism, boosts your energy and makes you feel more in control of your own health. Don’t overthink it, just move your body in some way before attending a social event. Want some inspiration? Download your free 14 day Bridal Workout & Nutrition Plan

Get your sculpt on with Jennifer Dene in this six minute yogalates bridal workout

8. Take a probiotic: You may know that your gut health and your overall health are closely connected. Trillions of bacteria live in the digestive system; the good bacteria ward of illness, fatigue, allergies, joint pain, digestive issues, and inflammation, while the bad guys cause those symptoms. If you’re drinking a little more alcohol, or nibbling on a few more chips during celebration season, it’s a good idea to take a daily probiotic capsule. Look for brands that contain at least 10 billion active live cultures including lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium.

9. Consider saying “no”: I get it, you are a popular lady who is in high demand! While you want to accept each invitation, remember that you are playing the long game, with your own wedding being the most important social event of the year. Avoid burning out before your own debut by simply saying No.

10. Don’t make excuses: Pulling an all nighter at a party? Having another glass of champagne at brunch? Skipping your workout? It’s all good, just don’t make excuses for your choices. Excuses rob you of your decision making power, and remove your sense of control over your own health. Consider this the next time you catch yourself starting a sentence with: “well we are on vacation so I deserve another glass of wine…”, or, “it’s a colleagues birthday so I’d be rude not to have cake…”

11. Plan active social outings: Do all of your social activities need to revolve around eating and drinking? Perhaps you could you rally the troops for a Sunday volleyball tournament or a hike instead. Hanging out with friends, staying active and getting a good dose of Vitamin D sounds like a win-win to me (just remember to apply that SPF 30+ first)!

12. Get extra sleep: The most simple, and possibly the most important recommendation on this list. Without adequate sleep it’s hard to feel motivated to eat well, exercise, ward of illness and stay positive. Get to bed earlier when you can, or take a nap before heading out for your next evening function.

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

Which of these 12 tips have you been using to stay healthy during your engagement, and which ones will you be able to add before the next social event this season? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

With love,

Jennifer Dene

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