If You Only Do One Thing For Your Health Today, Do This

We all have areas of our life that we want to improve – physically, emotionally, spiritually or intellectually – and we all face the same challenge of having to stay motivated and take action to make those improvements. The difference is that some of us have the support we need to change and grow while others don’t.

mindbodybride Motivation Mondays supports you in finally committing to, and following through with, your health and fitness goals.

If you are scared to commit to your goals and make a change consider this:

  • Change is scary, but not as scary as never feeling good about yourself.
  • Commitment can be hard, but not as hard as disliking your body.
  • Sharing goals publicly takes courage and I know that’s what you’ve got.
Each new month brings with it new goals, inspirations and successes! What are yours for May?

Watch the video above and take these three easy steps to make your wellness dreams a reality:

1. Choose ONE wellness goal for the month of May (this might be fitness, nutrition or lifestyle related).

2. Choose the 2-3 action steps that you need to do to reach that goal.

3. Write this in the comments below and check back in with me during the month both here and on Twitter @jennifer_dene #mbbmondays

Take Action & Believe.

Jennifer Dene xx

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4 Responses to If You Only Do One Thing For Your Health Today, Do This

  1. Hey my love – thanks (as always) for such an inspiring post! For the month of May, I’m going to try to spend more “quiet time” by myself in the mornings instead of going straight on my computer after waking up. I plan to do this by keeping my laptop turned off for at least an hour after waking and spending that time reading or going for a run or walk before starting my work. I’m hoping this will help me be more focused and productive for the rest of my day.

  2. I know that I am guilty of not eating frequently enough during the day, often going (ahem…) 10 hours without any nutrition…very naughty… Last week I decided that on Sunday afternoons I will poach eggs and bag them up ready for a super quick and delicious snack on-the-go during my very busy days (20 seconds in the microwave to warm them and yummo!!) I also bought tiny ziplock bags and portioned out small size snacks of pepitas, sunflower seeds,a few almonds and just a taste of sultanas for a treat and have this mid afternoon. Previously I was never able to enjoy food-on-the-run (if I actually made myself have it)but now look forward to my two healthy and yummy little bites.No more energy slumps or rumbling tummy for me!! Thank you Jenn.

    • Such great ideas! It makes it easier to prepare ahead of time and also helps to manage portion control (instead of just grabbing handfuls of snacks directly from the bag!) XX

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