Quick July 4th Workout | Total Body Toning

It’s almost July 4th, which means lounging poolside, flipping burgers and sipping cocktails is on the horizon. But before you settle in for three days of chilling, we need to get your workout plan in order.

I know, I know, I hate to be the party pooper, but summer brings with it so many opportunities to get off track with your fitness (read: wedding-ready) routine, so having something active planned is kind of a necessity.

Fortunately, the quick July 4th workout that I have planned for you is a fun, full body sequence that only takes 28 minutes. The added bonus is that it will tap into muscles that you didn’t know existed!

Upcoming Workouts

I am going to be kicking the workouts up a notch here on Mind Body Bride, with a new mini workout each week.

In the coming weeks I have even more moves to target those trouble areas — inner thighs, I’m looking at you — so sign up for weekly email updates and have those workouts delivered direct to your inbox.

Why You Want This Quick July 4th Workout…

Because 30 minutes is all you’re willing to spare before donning a swimsuit and flipping through the latest edition of Martha Stewart Weddings.

Why You Need It…

We all have some muscles that are more dominant than the others. Perhaps you’ve noticed that your quadriceps (at the front of your thighs) feel stronger than the inner thighs, or that your biceps are stronger than your triceps.

This is partly because some muscles are naturally bigger, and therefore stronger, but muscle imbalance is exacerbated when we do the same — repetitive — movements each day, such as walking, carrying bags and sitting at the computer.

What then happens is that some muscles stay trim and toned, while others become weak and soggy. Gross. 

The good news is that you can tone up through your entire body simply by paying a little more attention to those trouble areas, and that’s exactly what this workout does.

Let’s Do It To It!

Equipment: 1 light-medium weight

How It Works: One round of this workout goes for 7 minutes, and you have 4 total rounds (considering it being a 7/4 workout!). In each round there are 9 exercises that go for 30 seconds each, with a 10 second rest to transition. Take 2 minutes rest before starting the video again (workout starts at 30 seconds).

Fun New Filming: We’re stepping up our filming game here at MBB (hallelujah)! I shot this workout in a studio in downtown LA where the light was so pretty. I’m also wearing a lapel mic, which means that I get to huff-and-puff right alongside of you as we train!

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

Did you like this workout? I hope so! Leave a comment below telling me which move was your favorite, and which move you found the hardest.

I’ll see you on Thursday with a recipe for July 4th Popsicles!

With love,

Jennifer Dene

Printable Workout:

Quick July 4th Workout

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