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Wedding Stressed? Try This Quick Body Scan

Wedding Stressed? Try This Quick Body Scan

Welcome back to the fourth installment of the Busy Bride Meditation Challenge! Today we will enjoy an eight minute guided meditation together.

Today’s meditation is one of the cornerstones of the lying down meditation practices. It involves sweeping through the body with the mind, bringing awareness to every region from the toes to the head. 

This is one of my absolute favorite techniques for stress relief, both physically and mentally. Without moving a muscle you can systematically notice and relax each part of the body. 

The mind has an enormous amount of power over the body. Negative thoughts can wreak havoc on your physical and hormonal self, while positive thoughts have the opposite effect. When you are aware of how your body feels you are better equipped to make the best decisions for your body and health each day. 

Today let’s harness the power of the mind to release tension, and embrace awareness, energy and relaxation.

Why You Want This

You’re not quite ready to join a chanting circle but know that meditation is a vital component of the wedding-stress-toolbox. This body scan feels more like a nap, which is something you can get behind.

Why You Need This

Physical tension, caused by stress, creates a ripple effect inside the body leading to migraines, irritability, anxiety and constipation.

These are seriously unsexy symptoms for the Bombshell Bride.

How To Get Your Fiancé On Board

Have you tried family meditation yet? Just try not to giggle!

Physical Sensations You Might Notice

  • burning  / prickly / itchy / stinging
  • shooting / shaky / tingly
  • pounding / throbbing / vibrating / trembling / numb
  • light/heavy
  • tight/loose
  • tense/relaxed
  • soft/rough
  • cool/warm
  • stiff/flexible
  • clammy/dry
  • airy/dense
  • dull/sharp

Next Steps

1. Set aside eight minutes to complete this meditation and find a comfortable position, lying on your back, preferably on the floor.

2. Press play and get into the relaxation zone.

3. Leave a comment below letting me know which meditation has been your favorite so far!

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