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Healthy Date Ideas On A Wedding Budget

Healthy Date Ideas On A Wedding Budget

Stuck in another date rut?

Wedding planning killing your love life?

I get it.

While getting takeout from your local spot and watching movies on Netflix is fun, sometimes you need to bust out of that comfort zone.

If saving for the wedding has your purse strings pulled tight, then hitting up expensive bars and restaurants might not be on your radar right now.

With that in mind, here are 7 healthy date ideas that are fun, cost effective, and will bring you closer as a couple.

Pack A Dinner Picnic.

Whether you head to the local park, find a secret corner of your city, or simply set up in your own garden, eating under the stars is romance epitomized. Pack a yummy salad, something carb-a-licious, and (of course) a sweet treat (like healthy chocolate brownies)

Go Bike Riding. 

Riding bikes is a fun way to boost your endorphins, elevate your heart rate and enjoy a change of scenery. Being in nature is soothing for the nervous system, so try to pedal in a park or near the ocean. Want to get even more connected? Rent a tandem bike!

Host Board Game Night. 

Playing board games can be totally romantic — surely there is a Nicholas Sparks board game montage somewhere? But it’s also fun to be a little competitive and silly.

The bonus? Board games are great for your brain, helping you stay as sharp-as-a-tack right through your 70th wedding anniversary.

Play Tennis. 

Or something. Moving to Los Angeles in our late 20s/early 30s, without kids or a dog, made it kind of tough to meet new people. So my husband and I spent a LOT of time together. Sometimes dating means heading off to do something new and fun, with new and fun people. 

Getting involved in organized sports is a good way to step out of your normal routine and make new friends. Even if, like me, you can’t catch a ball to save your life.  Plus fun movement trumps planned exercise any day of the week. 

Try A Cooking Class.

Want to sharpen your knife skills and heat up your love life? Sign up for a cooking class. Find a class that’s making your favorite Friday night cuisine, and then recreate it at home the following week. Cute aprons and lots of photos are mandatory for the rehearsal dinner slideshow!

Do Dance Lessons. 

Don’t think that dance lessons are only for your bridal waltz. Whip up a sweat with tango, foxtrot or salsa lessons, and then show off your skills during your reception. You can find cheap classes at community colleges, or DIY from YouTube clips!

Volunteer Locally. 

This is a fabulous date idea for those days when you feel a little overwhelmed with the whole wedding thing. There’s nothing like helping those in need to have a firm reality check…

… I mean, choosing the best wedding hashtag seems kind of unimportant when you realize how many people don’t have access to healthy food, warm clothes, or even safety.

I hope that these date ideas spark your interest and encourage you to inject some creativity into your love life this week. If bridal health on a budget interests you, check out my post about how to eat healthy on a wedding budget

Now I’d Love To Hear From You

What’s your favorite date-on-a-budget idea? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

With love,

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