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7 Day Full Body Bridal Workout Challenge

7 Day Full Body Bridal Workout Challenge

We’re kicking off the new month (and almost a new season) with a full body bridal workout that includes some of my favorite moves.

But this workout is a little different most — it’s a 7 day challenge to help you feel motivated to exercise!

For many women the problem with working out starts at the commitment. Or lack thereof. I’ve talked about this before here.

Your body craves movement, and so does your mind, which is why I want to help you catch the exercise-bug.

How To Make Yourself WANT To Exercise

Step One: You need a reason to exercise that’s more important than how you look.

Let’s take discussion of pant sizes and thigh gaps off the table. (For real, please never mention thigh gaps to me, the conversation makes me so mad!)

Self-love and body-positivity aside, exercising to change your body shape takes time and consistent effort… not great for short-term motivation.

But you can get instant results from exercise. Just 15 minutes of exercise is enough to increase energy, reduce stress, boost mood and make you feel more confident. #allthefeels baby!

Step Two: You need a (minimum) 7 day progressive schedule to build the habit.

In a 2014 interview, Jerry Seinfeld was asked how commits to writing everyday. His answer? “I just write.” Some days its great, other days its not, but everyday he sets aside time to work on his craft.

To help him stay focused he has a 12 month wall calendar hanging in his office. Each day, after he writes, he puts a big red cross through that day. At first it’s not much to look at, but after several days a chain has formed. Suddenly you start competing with yourself not to break that chain.

This is a brilliant idea for adopting any new habit, and especially for exercise. And yes, I did buy a wall calendar after reading that interview!

Step Three: You need a simple plan to follow so you don’t have to think.

That’s the workout below!

How This Is Going To Work

Firstly, please share your exercise WHY in the comments below. What makes you press play on a Mind Body Bride workout?

Then we train, progressively.

  • Day One: Repeat 10 repetitions of each move
  • Day Two: Repeat 15 repetitions of each move
  • Day Three: Repeat 2 rounds of 10 repetitions of each move
  • Day Four: Repeat 2 rounds of 15 repetitions of each move
  • Day Five: Repeat 3 rounds of 10 repetitions of each move
  • Day Six: Repeat 3 rounds of 15 repetitions of each move
  • Day Seven: Repeat 20 repetitions of each move

*Note: On any single-sided exercise (e.g. the lunge and the shoulder bridge) do repetitions on both sides!



And finally, we mark it off the calendar. Download your 7 day calendar >>>

Full Body Bridal Workout

Say “I Do”

Remember to leave your “why” in the comments below. And then come back and tell me which move is your favorite!

With love,

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